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The flagship product of Al Pina Group of Companies! Established as a renowned bottled drinking water brand in 2016, Laraix has quickly become the go-to choice for individuals across the UAE.

Our Journey

UAE's Trusted Hydration Partner

Quality is not merely a word at Laraix; it is the very foundation of our brand. Our remarkable journey, from humble origins to soaring achievements, has established Laraix as an emblem of impeccable excellence and unrivaled purity within the bottled water industry. Since launch, Laraix has become synonymous with pristine quality, captivating the hearts of consumers not only in the UAE but also in Oman, other Gulf countries, and several nations across Asia and the GCC.

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Factory Head

“As the overseeing presence in our operations, I consistently go the extra mile to ensure each drop remains pristine, and every bottle adheres to our rigorous standards. Our unwavering aspiration is to provide everyone an unparalleled and unadulterated experience of hydration at its purest.”

Jay Larai

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“With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding your health and preserving our planet, our vision is to set new standards and carve a path towards a more sustainable future, one invigorating sip at a time.”

Kabir Larai – Chairman, Laraix

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Together we grow

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A Message from our


“As we venture into the future, we are thrilled to carry on Laraix’s legacy. Our unwavering positive outlook inspires us to urge everyone to relish in the perpetual delight of a refreshing beverage that enlivens both the body and mind.”

Sagar Larai