Sustainable Water




Stay hydrated and be ready to take on any task life throws your way! The best thing you can do for your health is to drink plenty of water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Laraix doesn’t only care about providing quality water to its customers but we also make sure that it is the most sustainable and supplies additional health benefits. 

Since our launch in UAE and other Gulf countries, we are continuously making an impact by providing the purest water. Laraix water has the lowest grams of sodium and that’s what makes it the most sustainable.

Impact We’re Making 

Laraix has become part of everyone’s lifestyle because quality is our first priority and the impact we are making on the sustainability of the environment. Let’s talk about some of the important factors which you can also become a part of by opting for Laraix.


Conservation of Water Resources

Water scarcity is a growing concern in different parts of the world.  Choosing low-sodium water can help conserve water resources because the purification process to remove sodium is often less water-intensive compared to other purification methods, such as desalination or reverse osmosis


Healthier Drinking Option 

Laraix has been the popular choice because it is definitely the healthier alternative. Some individuals with certain medical conditions, such as hypertension or kidney disease, may need to restrict their sodium intake. By prioritizing health-conscious choices, consumers can lead more sustainable lives in the long term.


Environmental Protection 

High levels of sodium in water can have adverse effects on ecosystems when released into the environment. For instance, when high-sodium water is discharged into rivers or lakes, it can harm aquatic life and disturb the natural balance of the ecosystem. By reducing the sodium content in water. Laraix reduces these negative environmental impacts.


Benefits You Get

Staying hydrated as much as you can is definitely the best thing you can do for your body. Proper hydration is essential for various bodily functions, including circulation, digestion, and temperature regulation. Drinking water, including low sodium water, helps keep the body hydrated, supports organ function, and aids in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

High sodium intake also comes with potential health risks, especially for people with kidney issues. By choosing low-sodium water, you can help reduce your overall sodium intake and potentially support blood pressure management.

Are you aware of all the amazing benefits you get by consuming the water which is most sustainable and has the lowest sodium? Today we will discuss how making Laraix a part of your daily life can help you in improving your lifestyle for better.   



Why Choose Laraix?

You need a water that doesn’t only quench your thirst but also makes your health its first priority and Laraix understands that pretty well. Make a choice that’s sustainable and keeps you fresh and hydrated. Join us in the commitment to sustainability while enjoying the benefits and taste of fresh water. Choose Laraix for a better and improved lifestyle!